Introducing: Poetry Intimate Ritual

I had the chance to sample the Poetry bath line and I absolutely love it. The items come beautifully packaged, each one like opening a little gift. I love the very minimal and romantic look to the jars and bottles. The products smell amazing the Immersion therapy is a great bath salt that leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling like heaven. To add to your bathing experience check out a Poetry soy wax candle or body creme. Perfect way to end a long hectic day.

Poetry Intimate Ritual

An ensemble of natural products transforming the routine of bathing into a personal ritual to calm your body and center your mind.

Offered in two unique formulations…

Verse 1
A versatile citrus fragrance with notes of
sandalwood and jasmine.

Verse 2
A potent scent of mint & balsam needle
with a hint of grapefruit.

Poetry® bath and skin care products
are complemented by a motif of accessories.

Check out the whole line here

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