My Activia Challenge: The results

So I have completed my Activia challenge and I am so glad I finally tried it. I really love my daily Activia break I throw a little granola on top and its the perfect snack to help me through the afternoon slump. Best part is my stomach is feeling so much better. I seem to have little to no willpower ymore (I think it ran away when I had kids) so sometimes I make the worst food choices. Since eating Activia the last two weeks I have not had the stomach aches and pains that can come with the diet of a busy mom.

It truly is the yummiest yogurt I liked it so much I will be eating after my challenge. I was grocery shopping this weekend and stocked up on the peach, its so delicious.

If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet get to the store and get a pack for the Activia taste test, if you don’t like the yogurt Dannon will refund your money!

Dannon Activia is a delicious way to help naturally regulate your digestive system: clinically proven to be effective in two weeks, when eaten daily; contains a unique culture … Bifidus Regularisexclusive toDannon!

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