Goody Simple Styles

I have been hearing so much about the spin pin and was wondering how exactly one uses it and if it works. On my hunt I found this commercial for the new Goody Simple Styles collection, and now I MUST have it. The whole set looks fun, I am dying to try the spin pin and ponytail bump. Has anyone used this collection that can share?

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s hectic lifestyle is no easy task, but matching her red carpet look has never been so easy! Take your bun from so-so to Hollywood glam in just three simple steps with the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin.

The Spin Pins do the work of 20 bobby pins, allowing you play it sleek and chic all day, everyday! Simply twirl your hair into a bun, and starting close to your scalp, twist in the two Spin Pins for an effortless style that begs for attention. Achieving a celeb- inspired look has never been so easy.

Goody Simple Styles™ Spin Pin: SRP $6.49

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