How To: Create a Beehive

Beehive Your Hair with Bosley!

The beehive is back and not the kind that you are swatting around during the hot summer months! Remember that ancient hairstyle you saw in the movie Hairspray, and teased your mom about….well it is back!

A recent article in The New York Times (see below) claims that the beehive look is back but the trick is finding the right mix of prissiness and seductiveness. In Vera Wang’s fall ready-to-wear show, the models displayed a perfect blend of edge and coyness with their messy behives.

To get this look at home use Bosley Professional Volumizing & Thickening Styling Mousse, that infuses instant body and shine while it strengthens and thickens the hair shaft. Then spray it up with the Bosley Volumizing & Thickening Styling Hairspray that provides long-lasting body and shine while holding the style in place!


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