Check out Britney Spears’ commercial for her new fragrance, Radiance

Britney Spears and perfumer Elizabeth Arden have joined forces again to release her newest fragrance “Radiance”. This is Britney’s 9th fragrance to hit the market.

The singer is known for her magic touch when it comes to fragrances, proving her creations to be Elizabeth Arden’s highest-grossing celebrity fragrances. This time, Britney puts her ultra-feminine taste to work. Radiance contains wild berries and soft dewy petals as its top notes, also tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris. If you need a reference, remember Brit’s “Curious” fragrance? Radiance bears a similar light musk scent to Curious.

The new fragrance will be available in a 50ml and 100ml sizes, each priced at $63 and $78. Look out for Radiance at The Bay, Sears and other stores this September.

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