Fall 2010 Top Ten Beauty Trends!

Want to know what trends will be hot this Fall? Everything from red lips to the latest hair trends, Allure Magazine is bringing us the hottest trends for Fall 2010!

#1 – Red Lips: “Red lips make you feel powerful,” said makeup artist Tom Pecheux at the Yves Saint Laurent show. At some shows the color was glossy and bright, but more often it was deep and velvety.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: For a softer look, makeup artist Pat McGrath applies the color just in the center of the lips, then spreads it over the mouth with her finger so there are no hard edges.

#2 – Crazy Shadow: “Inspired by David Bowie and ’80s club kids, the eye makeup was kooky at times. The pros brushed on red, orange, violet, and yellow shades—and even glitter—and blended the shadow beyond the outer corners of the eyes to give them an elongated shape.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: To add just a little edginess, draw black pencil along the upper lashes, then trace a line of brightly colored shimmery shadow above it.

#3 Hot Buns: With so many high collars on the runways, the hair was often swept into a chignon. Some were slick and masculine; others looked as if they had been gathered without a glance in the mirror.

#4 Dark Eyes: The toughest makeup look for fall: eyes loaded with black shadow and liner, often with glittery blue, brown, or gunmetal on the lids.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: With thick black liner, makeup artist Peter Philips often skips mascara. “Leaving the lashes bare looks less retro.”

TRICK OF THE TRADE: At D&G, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman placed the low bun off-center so it wasn’t too “ballerina.”

#5 Rough Waves: When the hair was worn down, the pros used a curling iron to create tousled, but not bed-head-y, waves. “With the graphic eye makeup, casual waves help to keep the look young,” said hairstylist Sam McKnight at Chanel.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: To create the wavy style at Chanel, McKnight wrapped sections of hair loosely around a large-barrel curling iron and held them there for only a second, then brushed through the curls once they’d cooled to relax them a bit.

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