Sunless & Skinny!

I received a sample of Fake Bake Sunless and Skinny and I’m not going to lie I was a little worried when I first applied it. The lotion is a chocolate brown color which is awesome for even application but I was worried how dark the color would end up as I am pretty fair. But my worry was for nothing the color developed to a  beautiful bronze. nI like that Sunless and Skinny is a build able color so you can get a beautiful sunless tan shade that is perfect for you not too dark  or too light.

On top of being a great self tanner it helps tone and firm your skin. I have just been using it for a week so I am not at the full effects of the product but I can say the skin on my legs looks and feels much better. I am not sure if its supposed to be a benefit but I don’t seem to need to shave my legs as often they are staying smooth an extra day MAJOR selling point for me. A great product for a healthy, beautiful tan.

Fake Bake Sunless and Skinny

Fake Bake has taken what they do best — self-tanning, and combined it with
their new patent-pending formula that measurably diminishes cellulite. The
end result is a smoother texture to the skin that appears within three to
four days.

Sunless and Skinny contains clinical levels of cellulite fighters to aid in
smoothing dimpled skin and is enriched with botanicals that tighten for a
more youthful appearance. The high-quality ingredients coupled with two
tanning agents make Sunless & Skinny the most unique, advanced formulation
on the market.

Fake Bake’s beyond-easy to use products make tanning out of the bottle the
easiest it’s ever been! Sunless and Skinny is available at top retail
outlets and on the website here. Bonus – For the product price of $21.99,
Fake Bake will add a complimentary Undercover Babe Lip Gloss with a value of

A few more facts about Sunless & Skinny:

* Contains active copper mineral that firms and tones skin.
* Contains Seaweed (Kelp) that facilitates removal of toxins in fatty
deposits to aid in smoothing dimpled skin.
* Smoother texture to skin within three to four days.
* Firming and toning within two weeks.
* Visible difference to orange peel skin within three to four weeks.
* Beautiful, bronze tan starts to develop immediately and darkens gradually
with repeated applications

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