The best $5 you will ever spend.


I received a sample pack of Luxor Style Stix and could not get them out of the package fast enough! The work so much better than I could have even hoped just roll your hair around the stix while it’s slightly damp and in less than 10 minutes you have the most amazing curls that will NOT quit. I tested the stix on my daughter and after a whole day of playing and messing with her hair the curls remanined bouncy as when they were first unrolled. I tried washing my hair at night and then rolling my hair with the style stix once it was slightly air dried. They were comfortable enough to sleep in and when I woke up my hair looked amazing.

I love them so much I have been telling anyone who would listen, a few friends have given them a test run and no matter the length of hair or texture we are all left with gorgeous curls. Next up I am getting a few more packs in differnt size to try out different curl looks. Seriously the most fun you can have trying different styles for under $5!


J&D Beauty Introduces Luxor Pro Style Stix – Perfect for Creating Curls, Waves and Volume

New York – July 2010 – Craving sassy curlie locks or luscious waves but your hair is stick-straight? Skip the curling iron and give Luxor Pro Style Stix from J&D Beauty a twirl.

Style Stix are bendable hair rods that you use like rollers to create curls, waves and lots of volume.

Available in seven different sizes ranging from 1/4” to 7/8”, each Style Stix is 8” long and color coded for easy sorting. Each package includes recommendations for hair lengths, and offers options for tight curls to medium curls to large volume and lots of body. All Style Stix easily bend making them comfortable and ideal for speed setting, and can be used wet or dry. Perfect for overnight curls or for quick blow drying.

To use: Simply roll sectioned hair starting from ends tightly around rod. Continue rolling to scalp. Twist end of rod together and voila!: perfectly set curls! No fussing with clips or pins.

Luxor Pro Style Stix are available in packs of 6 and have a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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About J&D Beauty Products:

Founded in 1977 by Jeff Rosenzweig, J&D Beauty is a leading supplier in the personal care industry. The Company provides salon professionals with high-quality tools at affordable prices. J&D Beauty Products is a supplier of the following brands: TS-2, Luxor Professional, TiFi, Luxor Pro, Linea Rose, Results, The Fade Brush, Lure, Much More Better, Luxor Exotics, Basicare, Graphite, Power-Mag, Euroline, Luxor Dynamic Designs, Hot Waves, Hard Rubber and True Bone, among others.


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