Katy Perry is launching her own fragrance!

This from the woman who named her new dog Krusty (for Katy and Rusty – her fiance). Well, she’s sticking with the animal theme – she’s naming her new fragrance Purr. Purr? Was that the best we could come up with? “What are you wearing?” “Oh, it’s Purr“. Something seems wrong.

I think I’ll launch my own fragrance. I call Bark.

InStyle has the latest:

Although we heard rumors that pop star Lady Gaga was debuting a perfume, it turns out that Katy Perry is going to beat her to the beauty counter. Perry’s signature sent, dubbed Purr, was inspired by Perry’s Catwoman stage costume: The cat-shaped bottle has jeweled eyes and metallic accents. The pop star has been taking notes from fellow fragrance-launching celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (she admitted to purchasing both star’s scents earlier this year) but it’s Gwen Stefani‘s beauty biz strategy that she aims to emulate the most. “She is my example of how I want to do things, especially the way she did it with Harajuku Lovers,” Perry told WWD. After her sugary confection of a video for “California Gurls”, it comes as no surprise that the pop star draws inspiration from “all things edible,” which translates into notes of peach nectar and apple amongst green bamboo, jasmine blossom and creamy sandalwood in her new scent. Purr will be available exclusively at Nordstrom and nordstrom.com in November.

The photo above was released yesterday. It’s the cover of her new album, Teenage Dream.

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