Seasonal scents for your shower.

I was able to sample some of the new soaps from the Yardley of London collection and they are great for summer. My favorite scent is Honeysuckle citrus, a bright citrus scent that is the perfect wake up on a warm summer morning. The soaps are also really moisturizing which is great in the dry months and at under $3 a bar it an affordable summer luxury.

Each change of season brings subsequent changes in fashion, skincare and makeup. Most women already employ “seasonal scenting,” transitioning from heavier, spicy and musky (winter) perfumes and lotions to more subtle, fresh, and crisp scents (summer). But what about your shower gel and bar soap?

As women push aside their Chanel No.5, why not revamp the shower routine and find the perfect summer scented bath soap or wash?

After all, do you really want to smell like a cinnamon bun on a blistering summer day?

Some popular summer time scents for the shower are available by the time-tested classical Yardley of London soaps, first developed in the 17th century and now adapted into irresistible soap bar treats:

· Classic English Lavender – This timeless favorite remains a top choice with its calming and authentic floral scent

· Honeysuckle Citrus – Bursting with nature’s sweet citrus, organic honey and orange peel

· Fresh Aloe – Crisp and clean, Yardley’s Fresh Aloe combines cucumber essence and natural aloe

· Lemon verbena with Shea Butter– This soap unlocks a fragrant melody of citrus for a refreshing experience

· Oatmeal & Almond – A clean and crisp blend made complete by sweet overtones of almond

Skin showing in summer also means more surface area for light fragrance and more need for moisture and exfoliation.

The core ingredients of these boutique-inspired bar soaps also have surprising benefits:

· Lavender – A calming scent, it also acts as an effective mosquitoes and moth repellent for those buggy nights

· Oatmeal & Almond – Gently exfoliates and moisturizes to soothe against dry and irritated skin

· Fresh Aloe – Soothes burns

· Citrus Oils – Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scarring

· Shea butter – Helps to prevents skin peeling after a long sun drenched day

Available for purchase at your local drugstore or mass retailer, learn more about Yardley of London here.

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