Belle and the Buttons!

Born in Waipahu, on the beautiful island of Hawaii, Belle Bouton realised early on that in a sea of beautiful bellies, she had something special – she could sing. She decided right there and then that she wanted to share her unique gift with the world. Belle’s ambition led her to talent show after talent show, singing her favourite disco song “In the Navel.”

Fast forward 2 years and Belle and the Buttons was formed. Musical inspirations vary from Tum Jones and Belly Furtado to N-Tubz… The girls had a local hit “Do The Belly Rub” which reached the savvy ears of entrepreneurial mogul, Tummy Tucker, founder of legendary label Mama Mio Records. Tucker signed them and the first result of their collaboration “Check Me Out, I’m Fabulous” is already getting a lot of attention. According to Belle: “we’ve got something different to offer. Others sing from the heart, we sing from the gut.”

I am a huge fan of Mama Mio products they make honest products that do what they promise and now they are joining forces with Look Good.. Feel Better. With every purchase of Get Waisted this year Mama Mio will donate $1 to Look Good..Feel Better, now that is something to sing about!

Mama Mio are very proud to be partnering with the amazing cancer support charity, Lood Good… Feel Better. Look Good… Feel Better help women cancer patients manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment hosting free skincare and make-up workshops to really boost confidence and wellbeing. LGFB make a huge difference to how women feel when coping with the harrowing effects of cancer and the necessary treatments. We want to help them extend this work and one of our many fundraising initiatives is our donation of $1 for every Get Waisted we sell through and Debenhams.

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