Personalized haircare from Profound Beauty

I recently had the opportunity to try a sample of the Profound Beauty shampoo and conditioner. I am a huge fan of the styling cream and serums (hello curl cream!) and was interested to see if the cleansing products could impress me as much. I really liked how they breakdown the products for each specific need to make a more personalized pair that was right for my hair.

I tried the 90 shampoo and 10 conditioner and they are doing wonders for my hair. With really curly hair I seem to either be too dry or too weighed down by most cleansers. Profound Beauty 90/10 really balanced my hair out, conditioning it enough so my hair wasn’t dry but didn’t over condition weighing down the curls. And let me tell you these products smell delicious! I am so sad I am near the bottom and I have been shaking the bottles like a salt shaker trying to get every last drop.

90/10 Shampoo
Cleansing for normal to oily scalps and hair that is fine to medium texture.

Gently and thoroughly cleanses oil and debris with increased care to ensure pristine shiny hair.

90/10 Shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulfate free and Sodium Chloride free, providing superior haircolor protection.

Readers Choice Award
“Readers Choice Award” for Best Shampoo for color-treated hair.


10/90 Conditioner
Conditioning for coarse textured or medium multi-processed hair.

Softens and smoothes while repairing and strengthening hair that is weakened by chemical process. Provides easy detangling while our proprietary technology prevents build-up. Hair is intrinsically shiny and Truly Healthy.


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