The lovely Gwen Stefani on the cover of InStyle UK

How do you and Gavin coordinate your outfits for a red-carpet event – is his outfit based on your dress?

“We just do our own thing and it always seems to work. He has such great style. I get ideas from a lot of his clothes for the women’s clothing line, because I like that kind of mixture. I use a lot of stuff in his closet. I’ll be, like, ‘Ooh, we should do a girl version of this!’”

Gwen Stefani on her signature red lipstick

You’ve even worn red lipstick while jogging. Is there any time you don’t wear it?

“No, I wear it all the time! I wear pink, I wear gloss, I wear everything, but my husband prefers when I wear red, so I want him to like me still! I remember the first time I ever wore dark lipstick. I was maybe 18 and I can remember the moment I put it on – in my Honda Prelude that I bought for like, $3,000 [about £1,950] – and looking in the mirror going, ‘Good, I like that’. Never again did I stop wearing it.”

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