Avril Lavigne releases her own fragrance!

Another day, another celebrity fragrance! Here is the first look at the Sk8ter Boi singer’s new fragrance, Forbidden Rose. Last year she released her fragrance Black Star.

It’s supposed to smell of red apple, winepeach, black pepper, lotusflower, heliotrope, shellflower, praline agreement, sandalwood and vanilla. Sounds exotic! Just like with Black Star, there is a detachable ring accessory under the rose cap.

Avril also announced the news on her website:

Hi everyone,
I am excited to let you know that in the next couple months we will be launching a brand new site. The new site will give you more access to photos, videos and community features, including an all new forum. To prepare, we will be temporarily closing down the current forum. We will hold your user names for you, so you will have them when the new site launches. These changes will be going into affect Tuesday, June 2nd.
Keep checking www.avrillavigne.com, www.facebook.com/avrillavigne and www.myspace.com/avrillavigne for more news and updates.
Thank you all for your continued support!

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