Tarina Tarantino Candy Cameo Fashion Collection

I was browsing Sephora yesterday when my 5yr old came upon the Tarina Taratino line and begged for the lip gloss ring. I was a little shocked to find out the tiny ring was $35 it was made out of a very light plastic and the actual gloss pot in the ring was pretty small.

Don’t get me wrong I think the line is very cute but$35 for a tiny pot of lip gloss in a plastic ring? I am all about the packaging but at some point I need a little more product. How much is too much for cute packaging on your makeup products?

Tarina Tarantino Candy Cameo Fashion Collection
“Inspired by recollections of my grandmother’s vintage jewelry box, this collection features neon-colored cameos with glossy hearts and bows embellished with black lacquer beads. Truly a playful vibrant assortment with a fantastical yet nostalgic feel.” -Tarina

What it is:
A collection by Tarina Tarantino featuring a chic gloss-containing cocktail ring, an exclusive pressed eyeshadow, and an ultra-light lip gloss, inspired by a fantastical-yet-nostalgic vintage vibe.

What else you need to know:
Taking a colorful inspiration from her grandmother’s vintage jewelry box, Tarina designed Candy Cameo around neon-colored cameos with glossy hearts and bows. This collection is playful, with vibrant colors mixing harmoniously.

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