Natural microdermabrasion?

Nature’s alternative to microdermabrasion and invasive acid!

What are the benefits?
Sefidé Exfo-Lift instantly changes the texture of congested skin…naturally. By reaching down into the layers of skin, a soft and resilient skin re-surfaces with an even tone. It is the one and only solid self-regulating exfoliant available in the world.

What does it do?
…removes the dead layer of skin and allows topical treatments to reach the skin more effectively
…minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
…initiates and energizes cell rejuvenation
…assists in de-clogging the pores by removing bacteria that causes acne and pimples
…sheds away years from the complexion

Who is it for?
This non-irritating, self-regulating and purifying exfo-lifter is recommended for all skin types.

What’s in it?
• Chinese jojoba for intense moisturizing
• Natural clays, rich in iron and vitamins for pore de-congestion
• Gluco-lipids to facilitate the re-surfacing of fresh skin
•Paraben free
•Not tested on animals

Sefidé Exfo-Lift Suggested Retail Price $28.00 /0.8oz

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