Miley Cyrus Joins People's "World's Most Beautiful" List

People Magazine sat down with Miley Cryus, 17, to get a peak inside her beauty routine.

How have your beauty products changed as you’ve grown up?

I’m a freak about my skin, because I used to have really bad skin. I don’t do sleepovers anymore because I can’t wash my face right.

What beauty product is too young for you to wear now?

I’ve never liked glitter. Even when I was little, I thought it was lame, but definitely no glittery things now.

What beauty product is still too old for you?

I’m not a fan of red lipstick. I know everyone’s trying to do red lips. I just can’t do it! My dad used to tell me it’s way prettier to be natural.

Miley is out to show she’s no baby anymore. After announcing in January that Miley’s hit Disney show Hannah Montana would be ending this summer it’s obvious that she is ready to move into the adult world of entertainment.

Her new music video “Cannot Be Tamed” is a huge jump from her earlier – lighthearted music, revealing a more adult – edgier sound. It’ll be interesting how people will receive this new sound. Watch the video here – let us know if you liked it!

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