The Alligator is back!

When you think of Lubriderm do you associate it with an alligator? Most people do BUT, did you know that the alligator hasn’t been associated with Lubriderm for four years! Well, that’s all about to change.

Lubriderm is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first campaign featuring a slithering, scaly alligator by bringing back the iconic reptile we wanted to give you a special sneak-peak of the new campaign, which launches on Monday (May 3rd)…

Name: Mr. Freeway (more on that below).

Occupation: Actor and educator, but on most days, plain old happy alligator.

Companion: Mrs. Freeway, aptly named after being rescued from an LA freeway.

Can’t live without: See above.

Loves: Heat. Sunbathes all day, hits the pond at night when the water’s nice and warm.

Favorite body part: Strong jaw, followed by his tail.

Proudest moment: Eating his dinner in one swallow.

See back stage footage of
Mr. Freeway on set

To help alligators like Mr. Freeway stay happy, safe and comfortably homed, LUBRIDERM® has made a charitable donation to the World Wildlife Fund. They have been committed to rescuing alligators and assisting all their endangered friends for over 45 years.

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