Celebrity Endorsed Fragrances Have Become Big Business

Chanel No.5, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, Burberry, Nina Ricci’s L’Air Du Temps are classic perfumers that are today bombarded with retail competition from the overload of celebrity endorsed scents on the market. Because many celebrities have gravitated to the fragrance industry to expand their marketable brand, celebrity fragrances have become a big business giving classic perfumers a run for their money. Here’s our list of celebrities vying to leave you smelling good with celebrity fragrances. Let us know your favorite celebrity scent.

Kim Kardashian – “Kim Kardashian”

Even self made celebrity Kim Kardashian has put her mark in the scent industry with a new women’s celebrity fragrance named after herself, the “Kim Kardashian” scent, for public consumption.

Jennifer Aniston – “LolaVie”

Actress Jennifer Aniston has entered the scent making business, and will market her new celebrity scent “Lolavie” midyear.

Bruce Willis – TBA

Rumor has it that actor Bruce Willis will join the celebrity fragrance ranks this year with a new yet to be named scent that is scheduled to debut later this summer.

Fergie – “Outspoken”

Singer Fergie’s celebrity fragrance, rough around edges with an exotic softness to balance, will make her introduction to the scent industry later this year.

Kimora Lee Simmons – “Dare Me”

No one has to dare Kimmora Lee Simmons when it comes to being fierce, bold, and independent, which is what her women’s celebrity spring fragrance “Dare Me” can only inspire.

Beyonce Knowles – “Heat”

Celebrity scent “Heat,” which was one of the more popular ads advertised during this year’s televised Superbowl XLIV game,marked singer Beyonce Knowles’ introduction into the scent industry. The commercial for this sexy scent for woman featured Knowles feverishly slithering to a cover version of singer Peggy Lee’s famed single “Fever.”


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