Psssssst! … It’s a Beauty Secret

For Quick Shampooing Without Water

Between shampoos, hair can feel dirty, stringy and greasy. When a proper wash is simply out of the question – try Pssssst Instant Spray Shampoo!

Pssssst is the original dry shampoo for refreshing and rejuvenating lackluster locks. It works instantly to soak up excess oil, remove product build-up and boost volume. Hair looks and feels fresh. Shampooing less benefits your tresses by reducing heat styling damage and color loss. Get gorgeous hair with Pssssst!

Need clean hair…now? Try Pssssst On-the-Go. This new travel sized version fits conveniently in any handbag and is ready at a moments notice.

Pssssst Instant Spray Shampoos is available at mass merchandise stores nationwide and by visiting

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