Mama Mio Lucky Legs

I am a huge Mama Mio fan and was just sent a sample of their latest product  Lucky Legs and I am in love all over again. Lucky Legs is a really light serum, just two pumps and I can cover my legs from my knees down. As soon as I smooth it on I can feel the tingle of the spearmint and menthol and my legs make an almost audible sigh of  happines. This is perfect at the end of a long day as a reward for my weary legs.

Mama Mio Lucky Legs

rapid relief for heavy legs and feet

A mini spa treatment that glides on to instantly cool and ease weary limbs from knees to tip toes. Leaves a super-subtle sparkly-shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step.

We demand a lot from our legs and feet. They carry us around all day, walking, running, skipping, jumping; even dancing ‘til dawn in highly impractical but gorgeous shoes. And what thanks do those foot soldiers really get? Well, times are a’changing and your legs are about to get very lucky.

Who needs it? Any woman who complains about her tired achy legs and feet (who doesn’t?). Safe to use when pregnant or carring any other kind of heavy load for an extended period (ie the mortgage, holiday sales shopping, your best mate’s secret).

All of us can benefit from this amazing pick-me-up to feel instantly refreshed and walking on air.


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