Changing Up Your Makeup for Summer

Changing Up Your Makeup for Summer

The winter snow is melting away spring flowers are finally coming into bloom. As summer approaches, it is time to clean out your makeup bag and “replace your face” with weather compatible makeup. The perfect date to remember to make the switch is June 21st every year, Summer Solstice which marks the official beginning of summer. On that date, empty out your makeup bag, put away your heavy winter makeup; replace those dark eye shadows and deep lipstick shades with makeup that is lighter in texture and transparency.

Lighten up your foundation’s texture by mixing it with a light moisturizer for a clear, fresh finish- and don’t forget the sun protection! The Dieci Colori Skin Supreme Matte Foundation ($30) contains Titanium Dioxide and essential vitamins and minerals to offer a natural sun protection.

Avoid using eye pencils as a liner, as they tend to melt in warm weather and end up smudging around your eyes. Dieci Colori Eye Definers ($18) are cake liners that go on wet and then dry to a powder, which means no smearing!

Protect your lips with a gloss or lipstick that has sun protection qualities. Dieci Colori’s Lip Lites ($20) lipsticks have an SPF 15 and offer a dewy, natural sheen and provide lips with essential hydration.

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