Eco-friendly products for Earth Day

While becoming totally eco-friendly takes time and concentrated efforts, the small steps can make a big difference. This Earth Day, help the planet (and yourself) by replacing a few everyday items throughout your home with eco-friendly options.

On your sink: Radius

Plastic may be the easiest material to make toothbrushes from, but the folks at Radius ( care more about being environmentally responsible. Through using recycled material, the Radius Source Toothbrush puts an eco-friendly spin on an everyday hygiene product. Made from recycled materials such as dollar bills, flax fiber or wood, these toothbrushes also last much longer than the average toothbrush.

In your shower: Wembé

Wembé is a handmade, eco-luxe soap from Paraguay. Wembé was created by a mother and son duo from Paraguay who wanted to share the natural ingredients and restorative qualities of the rainforest with people around the world. Wembé uses only the finest natural and organic plants and ingredients to create their exotic blends like mango, avocado, black clay, yerba mate, coconut, white rose and more. For more information, visit

In your cosmetics case: Christopher Drummond Beauty

Fresh, clean, and new: all the characteristics we associate with spring will be reflected in Spring 2010 hypoallergenic makeup trends. Christopher Drummond Beauty’s line of all-natural, vegan, and organic-based products feature pastels and corals which not only beautify you, but the planet too. (

In your closet: Earth Friendly Laundry Detergent

Safe guard your home and improve your indoor air quality with the leader in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, Earth Friendly Products ( Earth Friendly’s ECOS laundry detergent with a built-in coconut-based softener, is the world’s #1 selling “green” laundry detergent. ECOS is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent that cleans a full laundry load with only 1 ounce and is available in four refreshing scents.

In your kitchen: Earth Friendly Products DuoDish

DuoDish is the first dual cleaning product on the market. The powerful dishwashing gel is strong enough for the dishwasher and gentle enough for your hands. The gel can be used for both hand washing dishes and in the dishwasher to get your plates, bowls, pots and pans squeaky clean; and to boot, it even saves water! (

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