Make Her Up Puts it To the Test: Garnier Herbashine

Forget spring cleaning, jump start spring with a whole new shiny look, introducing new Garnier HerbaShine! In just 10 minutes you can go from plain brown to a radiant Copper Mahogany Brown haircolour or dump your bland blonde for a Luminous Light Blonde.

A truly great new product from Garnier Haircolour, HerbaShine is a great non-permanent hair-colour that takes just 10 minutes. The ammonia free formula means no harsh chemical smell. And the rich fortifying formula contains natural bamboo extract the results, amazingly shiny hair. With 18 shiny shades to chose from you are sure to find the perfect colour, all the fun of enhancing your natural look without any of the damage!

Go here for more information, tips and tools and to pick the color that’s right for you!

Ok here goes my road test of Garnier Herbashine is it really as easy as 10 minutes? I read over the insert and have all my goodies ready to go.

Goodbye roots!

Easy enough application I applied to my roots and then worked through my hair.

10 minutes later I am in the showering washing out, can’t wait to see my new color.

Roots are gone, I love that it was so quick and easy!

Garnier Herbashine was a super quick 10 minutes and my haircolor came out great, very even and super shiny.

Overall I am happy with the way the color came out, though it was a bit darker than I expected. Based on the color I used (800 Medium Natural Blonde) I thought it would lighten my roots to match my highlights but I think it darkened my hair a little . Its still a great blonde shade though and the roots are long gone and my hair is so soft and shiny.

Another great thing about this ammonia free formula from Garnier, Herbashine  didn’t have a harsh scent or burn my scalp like other haircolors I have used in the past. that I have felt from lightening my hair. The 10 minute formula was perfect for a busy mom like me. I was able to drop off my daughter at school, workout and color my hair and still be on time to pick her up, Love it!

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