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Find your most flattering blush shade, and learn how to use it

Don’t even know where to begin with blush? What shade? Where to apply? How much? …Who knows? The April issue of Women’s Health magazine, offers a guide to choosing the right blush shade to enhance your eyes and work with your face shape. Follow these tips from and you’ll have illuminating skin in no time!

Use your eye color as your guide…

* Blue Eyes: Use peach or icy pink. This will draw attention to light eyes. Do not use Plum, as this will minimize your eyes.
* Green Eyes: Use any shade of pink, for a striking look. Do not use deep plum it neutralizes the yellow flecks in green.
* Brown Eyes: Use berry hues. Yellow tints in your brown eyes will pop against pinkish plums. Do not use neutrals, they blend into the undertones of your eyes.
* Hazel Eyes: Use a pink with violet undertones. Do not use orangey pinks, they dull the gray in hazel.

Learn how to apply the blush for your face shape

* Oval: Use a brush to dust blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
* Round: Apply in a vertical line from the centers of your apples to just about your jawbone.
* Long: Blend blush along your hairline and outer edges of your cheekbones.
* Square: Dust into the hollows of your cheeks.

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