Finally Organic Mascara!

Organic Pharmacy has a simply excellent makeup line everything I have tried I have loved. On top of being long wearing I love that their products are gentle on my skin and free of harsh chemicals, I can’t wait to try their new mascara!

The Organic Pharmacy has finally created an all-natural, over 95% organic Mascara for their signature Organic Glam line.

Only the purest, non-chemical ingredients should touch your skin, and that goes double for the delicate eye area. You won’t see parabens or other synthetic ingredients The Organic Pharmacy’s label, but you’ll be surprised at what natural waxes, gums, vitamins and botanicals can do to glam up lashes. Here’s why beauty and health conscious consumers in London are waxing poetic, soon to be joined by their stateside counterparts who can now purchase Organic Glam online ( or at The Organic Pharmacy’s new flagship store in Beverly Hills:

¨ Organic Glam Mascara naturally conditions, coats, protects, defines, curls and lengthens eyelashes.

¨ Conditions and coats the lashes with natural beeswax, carnauba wax and candelia wax

¨ Protects and strengthens with panthenol, aloe and vitamins A,C, and E

¨ Uses natural gums to curl and lengthen lashes

¨ Available in Black or Dark Brown

¨ No artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorants

¨ No petrochemicals; no animal ingredients

¨ Not tested on animals

¨ Like all products from The Organic Pharmacy, a Soil Association approved manufacturer, Organic Glam mascara is between 95-99% organic

¨ SRP: $35

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