Mariah Carey's Beauty Secrets!

Mariah Carey shares her top skincare secrets and hair rescuers in the April 2010 issue of UK’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

What’s the number one beauty tip you’ve been given?
“Always avoid the sun to save your skin from getting sun damage.”

How do you take care of your best assets?
“Treat yourself with love and care.”

What was the inspiration behind your new fragrance, Forever?
“Like all of my fragrances, Forever was inspired by my real-life experiences and the memories I cherish the most. It’s about enjoying being a woman, no matter where or when you are. It’s a floral fragrance that captures this wonderful time in my life where I’m surrounded by all the things I love.”

Is fragrance important?
“Fragrance can be so powerful and really influence your mood. The right fragrance can make you feel glamorous, sensual and sexy.”

Which part of your body do you feel most comfortable with?
“That’s a tough one – we all have our own insecurities!”

What’s your favourite makeup look?
“Usually I like natural makeup for the daytime, but I love working with a makeup artist to make me look glamorous too.”

How do you like to pamper yourself?
“With indulgent baths or a swim in the ocean.”

Do you wear the same fragrance daily?
“I like to wear different fragrances depending on the occasion, but it’s important to me that a fragrance is timeless. It’s not really about age or time of day.”

What or who makes you feel beautiful?
“My husband, Nick.”

How do you look after your hair?
“I love to use hair masks enriched with aloe vera and olive oil. And I swear by hair cholesterol treatments to keep it healthy and nourished.”

Mariah’s beauty icon.
“Marilyn Monroe.”

Mariah’s beauty must-haves.
“I can’t live without lip gloss, SPF30 tinted moisturiser and matte brown eyeshadow.”



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