Get Bright Skin with a Secret Ingredient

I was really excited to try a sample of the new Zia Apple Refining Mask, I love Zia skincare and apple products just sound yummy. The mask is as great as it sounds it truly has a smell of fresh apples and makes my skin feel amazing! (I am actually wearing the mask right now,  little spa time while I work on the laptop).

The mask not only smells great but I love how it tingles a bit when I apply it. The lemon zest gives your skin a little zing while the mask goes to work. Just leave it on for 5-15 minutes to remove dull winter skin and your left with a beautiful radiant complexion. A perfect skincare product to get your skin in shape for spring, take care of your skin with all natural Zia Apple Refining Mask.

Refine, Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Skin with Apples!

Zia Apple Refining Mask-

An apple a day helps to keep blemishes and clogged pores away! Apples are loaded with vitamins and minerals but they also contain pectin and tannins to help tone, tighten and lighten the skin. With the Apple Refining Mask from Zia Natural Skincare you do not have to worry about consuming extra calories to keep your face in shape! This mask has all the added benefits of your favorite fruit in a jar!

Apple Refining Mask helps eliminate toxins and impurities, while minimizing the appearance of darkened and enlarged pores. This clarifying treatment also helps to heal sun-damage, fine lines and clogged pores.

Organic Apple Juice, Willow Bark and Grapefruit Essential Oil encourage cellular renewal while releasing impurities in the skin. Sugar Cane acts as a natural AHA, providing exfoliation to skin. Lemon Juice helps promote cell turnover, minimize fine lines and correct sun damage.

The Apple Refining Mask from Zia Natural Skincare is available for $24.95 at and Whole Food Markets, nationwide.

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