Jennifer Aniston getting into the perfume business?

Why not, every other celebrity is doing it right now!

Jennifer Aniston wants to expand her brand! A source close to the actress tells OK! Jen has been quietly working on a branded fragrance for the last 20 months. So what will the name of Jen’s signature scent be?

With launch looming, she’s still uncertain about what to call the scent. Jen “has yet to get 100 percent behind any name,” says the source, “but the one she favors is ‘Aniston.’ ”

That choice met with less than-unanimous approval. Some of the ad executives behind the perfume really disliked it. Another suggestion, “Echo,” was also rejected.

“It’s all about capturing the idea of romance and freedom at any age, but it’s hard to do that in just one word,” says the source.

The A-list actress has been the face of ad campaigns, the most recent being her partnership with smartwater.

“Jen wants to unleash some really glamorous commercials on TV,” once her perfume is named, the source says.

Can’t wait for the launch!


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