Which newlywed is set to be the New Latisse Spokesmodel?

Claire Danes wants to give you some serious lash envy.

Today, Latisse revealed — during a breakfast at New York City’s swanky Hudson Hotel — that the actress would follow in Brooke Shields’ footsteps as a new spokesmodel for the FDA-approved lash grower. The announcement comes on the first anniversary of the prescription product, whose active ingredient bimatoprost was previously used to treat glaucoma patients.

While there are a flood of lash growth products on the market now, Latisse is the only brand to have undergone clinical trials under maker Allergen. After 8 weeks of use, 50% of patients see longer and fuller lashes – and by the 16th week, 70% of patients are fluttering along happily. The dramatic results occur due to bimatoprost’s ability to lengthen the three-phase growth cycle that all of our lashes go through.



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