Sarah Jessica Parker talks about her new fragrance, SJP NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker’s new fragrance, SJP NYC, is designed as a ”snapshot of Carrie Bradshaw”.

The ‘Sex and the City’ actress – who plays Carrie in both the TV series and movies – says her latest fragrance, SJP NYC, was designed as a homage to a vision of her character.

She explained at its launch at New York’s Sweetie Pie restaurant: “What I really wanted to do was capture an image, a snapshot in my head of Carrie Bradshaw, that sort of freeze-frame of her walking down any New York City street at an idyllic time of year in a floral-print dress on her way to meet somebody or to do something, or surrounded by her women friends.

“You can go anywhere with that, because we live in a fragrant city,”

Sarah also said she was surprised when the ingredients for the fragrance came together, as it is concocted of scents – wild strawberry with gardenia and vanilla – she wouldn’t usually choose. She added: “What we arrived at was very surprising to me because it’s not notes that I generally cotton to – but I love it.” SJP NYC comes in a multi-print bottle inspired by the custom-designed Oscar de la Renta dress Sarah wears in the ad campaign for the fragrance.”


Call me crazy, but the thought of smelling like New York, isn’t terribly appealing! I’m sure it is a fragrant city, but is that a good thing? I mean if you want me to smell like Tuscany or something – that I get. But you want me to smell like NYC? I think subways – and millions of people – and cars… I don’t think strawberries with gardenia and vanilla. Maybe it’s just me.

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