How to rescue dry winter hands.


So the great people at Infectiguard were nice enough to send me a bottle of their hand sanitizer to try. I figured it would be good but how different can a hand sanitizer be? Well very different in fact, right off the bat I noticed how great Infectiguard smells very soft and clean without the harsh alcohol scent. And the moisturizer made a huge difference in my skin my hands are no longer all dried out from harsh chemicals they are soft and germ free. This has been perfect for keeping our hands clean with a newborn baby in the house I will definitely be stocking up!

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the hands are a mirror of our life, revealing much about us from age to grooming habits. When treated right, hands can be one of our strongest beauty assets. Infectiguard™,, a new line of skin-friendly lotion-formula hand sanitizers, offers these tips for beautiful hands year-round, even in the harshest of winters and the scariest of flu seasons. Experts say it’s all about moisture, maintenance and protection.

¨ For the love of gloves: Let your hands live a sheltered life. In winter, wear warm gloves when stepping out into the chilly air. Always use rubber gloves for housework and dishwashing to protect against drying hot water, chemicals and detergents. And at the gym, don a pair of training gloves. These not only wick away sweat, but they cushion your palms and help prevent getting callouses from repeated use of the equipment.

¨ Washing: Especially during flu season, washing with soap and water is a necessary evil. But not all soaps are created equal. Public restroom soaps – including those at your office – are the worst offenders in terms of chemical ingredients. Consider bringing your own kinder, gentler supply. An idea to try: Apartment 5 “Soaps on the Go” soap sheets.

¨ Kill germs, not your hands: Hand sanitizers may be de rigueur, but traditional gel formulas don’t do your fingers any favors. Try Infectiguard’s innovative lotion version. Moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E make Infectiguard as soft on the skin as it is hard on germs. You’d never know from the smooth results that the formula contains 62% alcohol – mandated by the Centers for Disease Control to kill bacteria.

¨ Cuticles: Perfectly groomed cuticles make your hands the picture of health. But don’t try cutting yours at home – leave that to experts at the salon. Instead, try mild manual exfoliation with a washcloth, or with a microexfoliant powder. Then massage in plenty of cuticle oil.

¨ Moisturize and pamper: You simply can’t moisturize your hands too much, especially in winter. Rub in a rich, shea butter-infused cream a few times a day. And give your hard-working, computer-weary hands a delightful massage at the same time. Place a dollop of cream on one palm, lace your fingers together and rub it in with the opposite thumb. Repeat on the other side, and then massage cream onto the backs of the hands, working it up each individual finger.

¨ Manicures: Keep your nails pretty with a salon or at home manicure. When your nails look good, you’ll have greater incentive to treat them right.


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