Sharpie!? Really!?

I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom,” the country singer, 20, wrote on her Twitter page on Feb. 18.

Sharpie? That’s awful! Hopefully we don’t need to explain to everyone why using Sharpie as eyeliner is a bad idea. I’m not sure that’s something that Taylor should be passing on to her her young fans! Sharpie contains toxic chemicals that can cause severe burns! (You may have to cover your body head to toe in Sharpie for this to happen, but hey, you get my point)

Tell Us: Have you ever tried using Sharpie as eyeliner? C’mon – you can fess up – we won’t tell anyone! (Just may yell at you, that’s all)

Taylor’s odd tweet even attracted the attention of another singer, Katy Perry. “That’s so chola of you!” the newly-engaged pop star, 25, tweeted back.

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