How the stars get their "Golden Globes Glow"–while they sleep‏

Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony marked the unofficial start of this year’s award show season, and the stars didn’t let the L.A. rain dampen their bold red carpet style. Fresh-faced looks abounded Sunday evening, with A-listers Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon earning rave reviews for their smooth, dewy skin and flawless hair. Their secret to a Red Carpet glow?


Chalk it up to a beautiful night’s rest thanks to Branché Beauty Sleep. Winslet and Witherspoon are among a sleep-conscious crowd of stars that turn to Branché’s Silk Charmeuse Pillow Covers when in need of a quick beauty boost. Naturally infused with amino acids and copper, Branché’s satiny smooth pillow cases let hair and skin slip and slide while you toss and turn, protecting against broken, frizzy hair and unsightly creases in the skin. It’s no wonder that Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Amanda Seyfried are fans.


Whether jet-setting the world or cozying up in bed, Branché makes the perfect addition to any pillow.


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