Crying over spilt nail polish.


I know the saying is about crying over spilled milk but what about spilled nail polish? I was so excited last week when I received a sample bottle of Np2 nail polish in Ultraviolet and couldn’t wait to try it. Cut to later that evening and we are in a rush to get out the door for Christmas Eve services. My 3yr old sees the polish in the box and grabs it and starts waving it like a sword and then it crashes to the floor spilling polish all over my front entrance and new shoes. 

I am not sure if it was my exhaustion from the long work week and lack of sleep mixed with the holiday craziness or just the hormonal surges of my 9th month of pregnancy. But after the fateful flight of my new Np2 polish I was crying over my spilled polish and shoes and stained tile. Well my poor husband trying to stop the crazy crying lady hunted down some nail polish remover  and set out scrubbing up the mess and broken glass, he even was able to save a tiny bit of the polish for me to try  out. 

This weekend I carefully maneuvered what was left of the bottle and was able to try out the Np2 polish and I absolutely love it! It goes on  with the perfect consistency, definitely a lacquer, you get amazing coverage with just one coat and the color is perfect! It is super convenient to have your top coat attached to your nail polish since they can snap apart I was able to keep the whole bottle of topcoat! With a range of colors to fit every mood and occasion you are sure to find your perfect color. Just beware of 3yr old’s that want to use it as a sword!


Np2 is a long awaited, professional nail lacquer perfectly paired with superior nail treatment in one stylish and sleek package. It consists of two bottles that perfectly click together for optimum convenience and elegant beauty. With portfolio of shades of brilliant richness and amazing wear in a carefully selected range of the hottest colors, updated seasonally in partnership with the newest fashions and beauty trends, Np2 has a shade for every current occasion, mood, desire and outfit! And with an outstanding express top coat formulated with a nail hardener and nourishing treatment, this perfection is made to last!

Name: Ultraviolet
Description: This PURPLE frequency will have your look aiming out of this world.



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