100% Certified Pinkberry…for your lips?


Being a lipstick and gloss junkie I am not sure how I missed out on Mineral Essence but I was lucky enough to be sent some recently and I wish I would have found it sooner. I love that the lipstick is all natural it doesn’t have any strange chemical smell or taste it definitely feels great on my lips. 

I love the color palette from Mineral Essence, my favorite shade has to be Very Berry a simply perfect mauve. Very Berry gives you those look at me lips without being overwhelming the ultimate look for all your holiday parties. If you are more of a gloss girl you wont be disappointed the Mineral Essence gloss is super hydrating which is perfect for these super cold months and it even has a lip plumper to make the most of your perfectly painted pout.

Summer is officially over, so what will your next go-to product be this fall? We all know that Pinkberry yogurt is the perfect guilt-free treat for summer, but you can still satisfy cravings with the new “Pink” and “Berry” shades by Mineral Essence.

ALL Lip Products 100% Certified Organic
NO Parabens
NO Bisbmuth Oxichloride
NO Additives
NO Oils
NO Talc
NO Harsh Chemicals
NO Preservatives

Certified Organic Mineral Lipsticks: ($16.00)

– Pink Crush (a demure pink)

– Very Berry (a dazzling mauve)

– Pink Martini (Rich, sparkling mauve)

– Raspberry Truffle (Copper with burgundy undertones)

– Cranberry Spice (Rch mauve with brown undertones)

Certified Organic Lush Lips Lipgloss: ($18.00)

– Ripe Berry

– Hot Pink

– Flirty Rose

Mineral Essence is available at Beauty 360®, SEARS Beyond Beauty and www.mineralessence.com

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