TOP Five Holiday Makeup Mistakes


TOP Five Holiday Makeup Mistakes

By Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, FACE atelier Pro Make Up Artist

With Chrismakeup.jpgtmas and New Years Eve now only weeks away, many women are already planning their holiday party outfits. One of the biggest mistakes women make during the party season, is applying their makeup incorrectly. FACE atelier Pro Makeup Artist, Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, gives us her Top 5 Holiday Makeup No, No’s:
1. Makeup on Flaky Dry Skin will look Flaky

Exfoliate and hydrate (hydration is so important) and use a non-alcoholic based foundation or mineral makeup to create balance.
2. Makeup that is too dark for the skin

Some ladies try purchase makeup a few shades darker because they believe they will give them that festive “bronzed” look. What happens instead, is the skin looks jarringly unnatural. Foundation should be tested in natural light, on your wrist, chin or the best place- NECK- since your neck connects your face and decollate, you can find the best tone that will blend perfectly into both areas.
3. Avoid the “Clown” look

Makeup should be fun, creative and exciting. However, it is very easy to overdo it during the party season. Pick ONE area to emphasize- cheeks, lips or eyes. For example, if you have bold and dramatic sexy dark eye makeup on, a pale lip and light rosy cheeks will make your eyes pop and you will have a completed look that is just right!
4. Over-Penciling your Eyebrows

An over- penciled eyebrow is the first thing an onlooker notices and has the tendency to look painted on. Many, many women unknowingly make this mistake, which can be one of the hardest to break. For best results, select an eye shadow color that matches your hair color and apply with a small angled brush using light brush strokes.
5. Blending-. Blending is the Professional Makeup artist’s secret weapon! It is what creates the flawless face. Important areas to blend:

1. Along the Jaw line- You can see “that line” on someone’s chin a mile away. Your eyes catch it when the foundation isn’t blended properly into the neck to be fresh and uniform

2. Blend out cheek color so you look flushed not painted (unless you want an 80’s look J )

3. Blend eye shadow when you use multiple colors and can see “hard” lines

4. Blend lip liner into the lip again when there is a “hard” drawn on line that you can see

About Amy Zdunowski-Roeder: Amy Zdunowski-Roeder is a Pro Makeup Artist for FACE atelier. She has worked as part of America’s Next Top Model Makeup Team, is a regular on movie sets and has credits in People Magazin, NYLON and OUT Magazine.

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