The gorgeous Dita Von Teese in Harper's Bazaar + her favorite fragrance!


Dita Von Teese, joins the likes of Nicole Richie in her love of Quelques Fleurs perfume.  Recently Dita was asked via her Twitter what her favorite perfume was, and she replied “Quelques Fleurs, for years now”.


Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant perfume was launched by the design house of Houbigant in 1912—and it is a true classic that has endured the test of time. The blend of soft, sensual florals uses more than 250 different raw materials and more than 15,000 flowers to create just one ounce of Quelques Fleurs eau de parfum. To this day it is still produced in Grasse, France, where Jean Francois Houbigant first created his perfumes in 1775. The succulent scent wrapped in a theme of sculptured petals in a frosted and clear French glass.

$95.00 – $170.00 – BUY IT HERE!



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