New Vaseline for Men contest!!!


Enter for a chance to win the brand new Vaseline Fast Absorbing Face and Body Lotion for Men. Would make a great stocking stuffer!!


* There will be 3 winners.
* Each winner will receive one Vaseline Fast Absorbing Face and Body Lotion for Men.
* To enter just leave your name and email info in our comments
* Contest runs Wednesday, 11/15/09 to Wednesday, 12/02/09
* US residents only
* Please only enter once
* After the winners have been announced, you will have 48 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Vaseline Fast Absorbing Face and Body Lotion for Men

Your skin is a miracle material. It is your body’s first line of defense and when it is healthy, it is able to withstand extreme conditions – heat, cold, wetness, dryness, abrasion – and even heal itself when damaged.

But did you know that:

* Men’s skin is thicker and oiler than women’s skin – that is why you need products that are specifically designed for men’s unique skin needs
* Your lifestyle may be dehydrating your skin without you even knowing it
o A day spent outdoors can drain at least ½ pint of water from your skin
o After a swim or a shower, it can take your skin up to 8 hours to rehydrate

That’s why it is critical to keep your skin hydrated with New Vaseline® MEN – a range of skin care products uniquely designed to help fortify men’s skin to make it resilient for healthy and strong skin, so it can endure whatever the world throws its way.

Keep Vaseline® MEN Body & Face lotion on standby at home or take the convenient sized Hand lotion tube with you on the go.

New Vaseline® MEN Body & Face and Hand lotion range for resilient, moisturized skin to keep you looking and feeling healthy:

Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion

* Instant relief for everyday dryness
* Non-greasy formula absorbs within seconds

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