Lash Extend Serum L-117


If you have seen all the commercials for  the prescription Latisse and wanted to try it but don’t want to hassle with visiting your doctor just to check it out. Have no fear there is another great lash boosting serum on the market and no prescription needed! I was sent a sample of Lash Extend Serum L-117 and it really is a great product.

I was a little skeptical about putting something so close to my eyes but after reading all about the product my fears were relieved and after applying for the first time I saw how easy it was. Lash Extend Serum L-117 completely clear formula glides easily along the lash line like eyeliner and takes just a few minutes to dry. I simply let is set and continue my routine eye cream treatments and makeup. Once its dries there is no flaking or irritation I completely forget it’s there. The serum is hypoallergetic and paraben-free lipo-peptide complex that boosts cell’s natural productivity levels, safe even for the most sensitive users.

On top of no irritation after the last few weeks of use I am noticing my lashes are definitely longer and they are starting to thicken. You have to put in the time to get results but you will be happy once you do, just a few short weeks to fuller longer lashes! LASH EXTEND SERUM L-117

Combat sparse, short, or damaged lashes and help boost the appearance of your own natural set of lustrous lashes.’s Myriplex Technology™ contains 30% unique lipo-peptides. Unlike water-soluble peptides, lipo-peptides are highly biocompatible with skin’s natural structure. The result is the enhanced appearance of naturally darker, stronger, thicker, and more plentiful lashes.

Formulated with ingredients typically found in high quality hair and skincare products such as, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol, known for their moisturizing and conditioning benefits. Wear morning and night for daily care and visible results.
• Clinically Tested
• Dermatologist Tested
• Hypoallergenic / Non-Irritating • Paraben Free
• Not Tested on Animals
• No Harmful Side Effects


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