Heal dry winter hands!


Cold winter weather and dry home heating can take its toll on skin and nails, but there a few simple tips that can keep you hands and nails looking and feeling healthy and hydrated! Check out the insider secrets to keep your hands and nails looking and feeling healthy and hydrated!

Gatsby Salon Expert Nail Technician Krista Battipaglia says “I love to suggest to my clients to invest in a great Shea Butter to rub into their hands before they go to bed- this will allow the product to stay on your hands for about 5-8 hours without being washed off and allowing the product to really work to its fullest. Keep this product on your nightstand and you’ll always remember to moisturize before bed!”

A drugstore favorite, like Palmers Shea Butter Formula is a cost effective choice to keep hands silky smooth.

“Another tip I tell my customers is to apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles at night and massage it in, working down to your knuckles,” says Krista. “This will allow the product to get stuck under the cuticle and work it’s hydrating magic overnight.”

Vaseline works as a great moisturizer- just make sure you sleep with gloves on as it can get a little messy!

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