Brand Introduction-Mèreadesso



I recently was sent some Mèreadesso products to try and over the last few weeks I have really liked the results. First thing I noticed was how little of the product you need to get the job done. The face wash lasts at least 5 months I have been using it for weeks and the bottle still looks full.  

I also love the cleaning cloth its makes it super easy to remove makeup even waterproof! 



My favorite item from the Mereadesso line has to be the face & neck toning gel. I love that it combines two beauty steps to save you time on top of that it feels and smells great. Since I began using this product my skin has felt so great on top of being moisturized it doesn’t get greasy. Like the face wash you need barely a dot to cover your whole face and neck. I love products that work well and last  forever!


To get more info or buy the Mereadesso skincare products check out their website here

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