Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery?


Hollywood starlet Megan Fox is no stranger to garnering public attention, with the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress making daily headlines for her outlandish comments and seemingly flawless exterior. However fans of the 23-year-old have taken to the internet recently, with the very specific agenda of studying Fox’ face and breasts.

According to reports yesterday, critics of Fox are urging interviewers to quiz the actress on her surgeries in her next interview, “instead of asking her to push her faux bi-sexuality on us again.” Ouch.

According to polls, fans and critics of Fox have voted their public opinion that the brunette has almost certainly gone under the knife to acquire her now famous appearance. While the vast majority of her fans claim not to be opposed to cosmetic enhancement, they do claim to be put-off by Megan’s inability to admit to her procedures.

Repeatedly named Sexiest Woman by any given men’s magazine, Megan Fox shot to fame in the second installment of Transformers alongside co-star Shia LaBeouf.

Almost unrecognizable in her 2006 photos where Megan was in her late teens, experts claim Fox may have benefit from a number of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance a woman’s features.

Dr Raan Samayin, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon says, “Megan Fox was attractive before her surgeries, there is no denying that. But her look was simple, girl next door and definitely not distinct. She was not a memorable face and would not have catapult to this degree of fame with her original face.”


So what has Megan Fox had done, exactly?

“Megan has possibly undergone a non surgical brow lift, in which a qualified person will inject a small morsel of Botox underneath the curve of the brow to achieve a high arch. Another possibility for her eyebrows is hair transplant treatments, a simple method of implanting hairs in the desired areas. Older photos of Megan show an original arch however her present brows are far more defined, higher and longer. This could also be a make-up trick.”

The actress, who bares a slight resemblance to Angelina Jolie, may have had this intention from her very first consultation, despite her public denials that she enjoys the ‘Jolie’ compliment.

“Comparing her original photos to images from 2009 show heavily plumped lips, but in particular areas. Her cupids bow has been raised with lip filler and injections have been made along her lip line. Her bottom lip has most certainly been plumped. Her plumper lips, combined with re-shaped brows give her a very clean Jolie look. Megan has also chosen to enhance her breasts with an augmentation, but chose a decent size. Her implants are far more inconspicuous than someone like Pamela Anderson, however they are quite round and sit toward the underarms, clear suggestions of a breast enhancement.”

Dr Samayin says, “Megan has also undergone a rhinoplasty and judging from her earlier photos, her nose has been re-shaped, slickened and sharpened. It’s unclear whether or not Megan has undergone two rhinoplasty procedures, which is possible considering her nose is quite a world different than 2005, but one procedure has definitely been brought to fruition.”

The actress, whose latest flick Jennifer’s Body was a box office failure has not yet commented on her alleged surgeries.


Here are some more pictures of Megan Fox at a boutique opening in 2005.  I think she looks really pretty with just a little bit of makeup on !


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