Introducing- Skindinävia

I was just sent some Skindinavia makeup finishing spray to try and I was really excited to see what it could do. I try a lot of different makeup products so it was nice to try something that will go with all my favorite makeup right now instead of replacing it.

The packaging is very clean and basic nothing flashy but let me tell you the proof is in the pudding! My first try was the  No More Shine spray and I love it. My face is very prone to shine, even in the cold weather after a few hours my T zone gets shiny and my makeup can lose that fresh look. 

The spray is very easy to use I just spray a few spritzes right before my foundation and then a few more once all my makeup is on. The immediate feeling was a rush of cool, very refreshing. As I checked my makeup every few hours today it still looked just as fresh ans shine free as when  I first applied.  

I also love the 10 years younger finishing spray. I am getting fine lines around my eyes and I am noticing how much some of my makeup settles into them making them more pronounced. The last few days with the help of 10 years younger my makeup doesn’t settle into the lines and draw attention to them. 

I definitely recommend the Skindinavia line they have a spray for everyone, check out their site to see all their great products. They also sell their products in a range of sizes so you can try a smaller sizes to find your favorites.

Skindinävia has basically created a new makeup category—the makeup finish. No need to change your routine – we all know how long it takes to find the perfect foundation, setting powder and bronzer… these finishing mists keep your makeup on for 16 hours without drying out or going into pores and wrinkles. It’s an interesting new way to moisturize and prime your skin post-makeup.

It basically takes the makeup you have, regardless of brand, and perfects it for you. The result is makeup that looks as fresh as when you applied it up to 16 hours later. No more clumping, caking, creasing, sliding or fading…and in this economy who wouldn’t want their expensive (or inexpensive at that…) makeup to last up to 50% longer?

Seeing as we’re in the middle of the changing of the season, there are a number of skin fluctuations that follow suit—extra dryness, patchiness and sometimes even peeling. Skindinävia has expanded its product line with new makeup finishing mists to address a variety of common makeup problems all women experience.


* 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish: Keeps makeup hydrated and out of wrinkles.

o The first anti-aging product for your makeup. Reduces the appearance of lines by keeping makeup from settling in them. Innovative mist holds makeup by keeping the surface chilled and well hydrated for hours avoiding drying and slippage. Six hygroscopic (water attracting) moisturizers stop foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer from flaking or becoming powdery and helps reduce makeup slippage into pores, fine lines, wrinkles, or scars. Unique pigment dispersion system helps avoid clumping and conceals uneven texture or discoloration, such as sun damage and age spots. Works with all types of makeup.

  * No More Shine Makeup Finish: Absorbs oil and controls excess shine.

o Oily skin types can now have perfect makeup for hours with fewer touchups. Contains oil control system that both absorbs excess oil and controls surface shine throughout the face and T-zone. Stops makeup sliding and meltdown without excessive drying. Weightless mist cools makeup surface 20°F degrees to curtail oil from sliding through as shine on foundation, blush, and concealer. Light dispersing particles deflect shininess to deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours. Works with all types of makeup, great for teens.

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