New Contest! Get a bright smile for Fall! WINNERS ANNOUNCED


Congratulations to our 3 contest winners: Kathryn P, Lisa and Christie please check your email inbox ladies so we can get your prizes out!

With all the great dark lipstick colors out for fall you need white teeth to show off your best smile. One of my favorite ways to keep my smile white  is the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit, you can get a great bright smile while watching your must see t.v. 

The kit is so easy to use I just mold the tray with warm water to make a personalized  fit for my teeth.  The process is mess free an there is no pain involved like some other kits I have tried. Now 3 lucky readers can win one of these great kits and be on their way to a bright and beautiful smile!


  • There will be 3 winners.
  • Each winner will receive Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kits.
  • Enter by leaving your name and email address in the comments!
  • Contest runs Tuesday, 10/20/09 to Tuesday, 10/27/09
  • US residents only
  • Please only enter once
  • After the winners have been announced, you will have 48 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit

* Clinically shown to visibly whiten teeth in just two hours for whiter teeth today
* Contains a proprietary BIO-AVAILABLE® peroxide that starts working immediately on contact
* The fastest whitening treatment available from REMBRANDT®
* COMFYTRAY™ applicators mold under hot water to form to teeth and make for an easy and comfortable application


Now that you have a great white smile here are a few great products from Rembrandt to maintain your pearly whites:

I love this mouthwash it leaves my mouth feeling clean much longer than  just brushing alone. The formula is nice and gentle so it doesn’t burn while cleaning.

REMBRANDT® Plus Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash

* A first-in-category mouthwash that whitens and contains fluoride for enamel restoration
* Formulated with BIO-AVAILABLE® peroxide that starts working immediately on contact to powerfully whiten
* Visibly whitens teeth in twelve weeks and strengthens enamel when used just twice daily
* Infused with a premium blend of mints that deliver a long lasting fresh mint flavor
* Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) FREE for gentle and effective cleansing


A great super fresh toothpaste leaves my teeth looking and feeling great.

Rembrandt Plus Peroxide Toothpaste

* Unique formulation contains fast-acting BIO-AVAILABLE® peroxide to begin visibly whitening teeth on contact
* Clinically shown to whiten teeth with daily use
* Low abrasion formula for gentle and effective cleansing
* Available in Fresh Mint and Wintergreen flavors


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