Make Her Up Reviews Chris Rock's "Good Hair"


Erin and I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Chris Rock’s new documentary Good Hair on Friday, and we absolutely loved it.

The documentary starts off with Chris’s two beautiful daughters, and was shocked to hear his youngest ask him “daddy, why don’t I have good hair?” And so began an exploration into the billion dollar enterprise of “good hair”. I literally had NO IDEA this world even existed, let alone to what extent.

Chris delves into why thousands of women feel the need to have “good hair”. Why they will spend thousands of dollars on a weave, or inflict injury upon themselves with the toxic “relaxer”. Why men can’t even begin to think of touching their wives head, and why they would spend more on their wife’s hair – than their own mortgage payment. It’s unflinching and moving.

Chris jetted from Los Angeles to Atlanta – and even India to find out how important good hair really is. The most poignant part of the documentary, for me, was when Chris traveled to India, where one of their top exports is human hair. It was difficult to watch as women have their heads shaved in a religious ceremony, only to have the church turn around and sell the hair for a profit. This particular ritual makes this church the most profitable – second only to the Vatican. It was really unbelievable to watch.

Chris sets off to talk to hair professionals, stylists, actresses and singers to get to the root of the pursuit of good hair. The documentary was eye-opening to say the least. Chris proved to be a masterful host, bringing humor – and sometimes the sad truth to the what some women will do for a good head of hair.

It’s no wonder this documentary won the Jury Prize Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It really is a gem.

Bottom line? I loved it. Chris Rock does a perfect job of exploring the topic completely – while keeping us laughing the whole time.

Good Hair opens near you this Friday on October 23rd.

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