Nylon magazine introduces a brand new nail polish company, RGB!


I love these colors and can’t wait to try the new RGB line. I need to get my hands on a bottle of the Pre-Fall collection in  Toast and Haze!


A new nail polish company finds inspiration in the color wheel.

If Wet’n’Wild is the Lindsay Lohan of the nail polish world, then RGB is the Audrey Hepburn.

Simultaneously classic and modern, the new L.A.-based beauty company curates the act of painting your nails. Rather than fill the line with trendy colors that come and go every season, RGB culls together timeless shades, and then puts a sleek spin on them. So completing the RGBten lineup (as the year-round main collection is called) are reds, purples, grays whites, and pinks.


Which isn’t to say that the beauty brand is boring; like Hepburn, who inspired everything from oversized sunglasses to cropped black pants, they’ll also be introducing a seasonal series. First up are “Haze”, “Steel”, and “Toast”, which are all variations of the so-hot-right-now muted gray.

It’s not just simplicity in design that defines RGB; it’s also simplicity in ingredients. The chip-resistant formula—which is made in the USA—is chemical-free, so there’s not formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP in the polishes.

Visit rgbcosmetics.com for more info.


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