Introducing Casa di Francesca Home Fragrances!


These home fragrances will leave your house smelling absolutely amazing. They put all other diffuser’s to shame! They smell so wonderful, I was so excited to learn about this brand. Want to start shopping for Christmas early? Check out these amazing products!

Casa di Francesca offers a breathtaking line of Italian made glass diffusers and hand crafted accessories. Their extensive fragrance list gives consumers more than 30 intoxicating blends to choose from; you’re certain to find a scent to fit your home’s personality.

Inspired by the four seasons, Casa di Francesca brings Old World European excellence to homes through an array of Italian-made diffuser fragrances and hand crafted accessories. The best part is that these exotic scents are within reach without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The Casa di Francesca creations began in the summer of 2008, when the Borgheses traveled to the Hills of Tuscany, Italy. Several months later, Casa di Francesca Home Fragrances were launched. During its first year, the business has generated more than $2 million in revenue. This alone has set the stage for Casa di Francesca to be prosperous.

My two favorite scents are:

Tuscan Peach Blossom: Spring in Tuscany and pastel blossoms meander like a leisure parade through the gentle rolling hills. Yet, there it stands… conspicuous and distinctive… the deep pink, vibrant Peach tree, in full bloom and in its fragrant glory, making its bold statement amongst this soft joy.

Deep Lilac: Francesca discovered the secret of planting deep purple Lilac bushes where they could brush against open windows and let the spring breezes carry their glorious fragrance indoors. The scent of Lilac captivates and adds a timeless elegance to the outside and inside of any home.

Casa di Francesca products are available through and the Home Shopping Network.

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