What in the world happened to Kelly Osbourne?


“Dancing with the Stars” is probably a good workout, but Kelly Osbourne says it wasn’t the dancing that gave her a burning sensation — it was her body spray.

Kelly just tweeted she had to get her “DWTS” costume fixed so it would cover the fresh burns she suffered after using a British line of body fragrances called Impulse Body Spray.

She wrote:

Never use impulse body spray from the UK i sprayed it on myself and now have really bad burns all over my body. They just had to send my dress for tonight back to fix so it covers my burns 🙁 That’s just my armpit the one on my tummy is much worst!

TMZ contacted Impulse’s manufacturer Unilever in the US — which also makes Axe Body Spray — who said: “We are looking into the incident that Kelly Osbourne reported, and appreciate her feedback and input.”

Add this product to your DO NOT BUY list!


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