Two more Dr. Denese products worthy of your adoration!


I love this eye cream! Its a great moisturizer and I love that it has SPF 30 to protect my skin. Absorbs quickly into my skin and on top of feeling great it make under eye circles disappear!

Dr. Denese SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream

All dermatologists would agree that the number one reason for crow’s feet around the eyes is: sun exposure and the only true way of preventing lines and wrinkles is: daily broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.

The problem is: sun screens are not made for the eye area, most are harsh and irritating.

Our SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream is the only broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 eye cream on the skin care market today that you can take up to the eye lashes, cover your upper eye lids with no tearing and no irritation.

Our SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream serves three functions: it is an advanced peptide based eye cream with two patented peptide ingredients, to work on the appearance of already existing lines around the eyes. It conceals: it is tinted by our unique and proprietary self adjusting color to conceal and immediately diminish dark circles, uneven skin tone and imperfections under the eyes. Our unique self adjusting color is based on Melanin, the inherent color pigment of the skin so it matches nearly any skin tone. Third: it gives you an SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection to prevent future signs of aging if you wear it on a daily basis. If you are lucky enough not to have crows feet yet, start immediately so as to prevent, if you have them already, it may prevent them from getting worse.



A superb moisturizer, it leaves my skin feeling smoother than a baby’s…. well you know. Just a few drops and I can  moisturize my entire face and leaves my skin looking clearer and brighter. This is the perfect moisturizer for the cold and windy fall and winter months!

Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum

Dramatically soften the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles with this effective serum.

What is it?
A supercharged hydrating serum that locks in moisture to drastically reduce the look of dry lines and wrinkles. It intensely moisturizes skin for a soft, supple, luminous, more youthful look.

Who is it for?
Suitable for any skin types from dry to normal. If your skin is oily, place it only around the eyes and neck and on dry patches–not on the oily T-zone. Hydroshield is remarkably effective for skins with dry lines and wrinkles, as it locks in hydration to recreate the youthful look you once had.

Why is it different?
Hydroshield is based on Dr. Denese’s unique and proprietary HydroShield technology, founded on years of medical research. Loaded with ceramides, soy, vitamin E, retinol, linoleic acids, EFA, and glycolipids, it supports the skin lipid barrier, often undermined by cold weather, air conditioning, dry heat, dry climates, and other environmental stressors. Moisture is locked in, helping to remarkably improve the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles.


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